family bible quiz jacob wrestles with god and men

Jacob Wrestles with God and Men (Genesis 32 - 34)

1. Why did Jacob name the place as 'Mahanaim'? (Gen. 32:2)

2. What did Jacob tell the man with whom he was wrestling? (Gen. 32:26)

3. Why did God change Jacob’s name to 'Israel'? (Gen. 32.28)

4. Who said, “I already have plenty, my brother. Keep what you have for yourself”? (Gen. 33:9)

5. Where did Jacob make a place for himself and shelters for his livestock? (Gen. 33:17)

6. How much did Jacob pay for the land he bought from the sons of Hamor? (Gen 33.19)

7. What is the name of the altar built by Jacob outside the city of Shechem? (Gen. 33.20)

8. Who is Dinah? (Gen 34:1)

9. What did Shechem tell Dinah’s father and brothers? (Gen 34:11)

10. Why did all the men of the city of Shechem agree to Shechem’s word? (Gen 34.19, 24)

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