‘Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.’ (v20) Revelation 3:19–22 

We have identified some of the overtures God makes in inviting us to follow Him, whatever our circumstances or presence of mind. Yet, even if we turn a blind eye and reject them, God will never give up on us. His whole purpose is to seek and find us and bring us back into friendship through the Spirit (Luke 15:3–7).

In our darkest moments, God is always standing at the threshold of our hearts, but we alone have the authority to invite someone across the doorstep.

Indeed, it’s said that an Englishman’s home is his castle, and may explain the English reserve so often related by visitors to the country. However, if we simply open the door, God will step in and talk with us.

Throughout the Gospel accounts, knowledge of Jesus began at the meal table (for instance, Mark 2:15–17). God’s first commitment is to welcome and converse with us. All decisions about the truth of Jesus’ gospel message lie within our gift. 

We either choose to respond, and take God’s revelation for a road test, or reject God’s invitation altogether. There’s no neutral territory. Jesus has the capability to divide people.

I have made my choice and choose to follow Jesus, despite my doubts and fears. How about you? Don’t sit on the fence. Make the choice to invite Jesus in, begin a conversation and go for a test drive.

SCRIPTURE TO CONSIDER: Isa. 62:11–12; Ezek. 34:7–16; Luke 19:1–10; John 14:15–21. 

AN ACTION TO TAKE: Recall those moments when you have sensed God knocking at the threshold of your life. Will you turn and welcome Him in? 

A PRAYER TO MAKE: ‘Lord, thank You that You never stop seeking to find and establish a relationship with us. Amen.’

Photo by naidokdin on Pixabay

Micha Jazz is Director of Resources at Waverley Abbey, UK.