God's Blessings (Genesis 26 - 28)

  1. Where did God appear to Isaac and command him not to go to Egypt? (Gen 26.1)


2. How did Isaac reap a hundredfold from the crops he planted? (Gen 26.12)

3. Who quarreled with Isaac when he reopened wells dug in the time of his father, Abraham? (Gen 26.20)

4. What does ‘Rehoboth’ mean? (Gen 26.22)

5. When did king Abimelek and his aides seek a sworn agreement with Isaac? (Gen 26.28)

6. How did Rebekah help Jacob? (Gen 27.8-10)

7. When did Isaac tremble violently? (Gen 27.33)


8. Who took Esau’s birthright and his blessings? (Gen 27.36)


9. Why did Jacob name the place where he had the vision of heaven’s stairway "Bethel"? (Gen 28.17)


10. What vow did Jacob make after he woke up from the vision? (Gen 28.22)


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