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Abraham - The Friend of God (Genesis 12 - 25)

  1. Name the place where Abraham was originally from? (Gen 11:31)

2. Name the father of Abraham? (Gen 11:27)

3. Abraham is often referred to as ______________________________(James 2:23)

4. How old was Abraham when God first appeared to him? (Gen 12:4)

5. What did Melchizedek, the King of Salem give to Abraham? (Gen 14:18)

6. Name the son of Abraham and Hagar? (Gen 16:16)

7. What name did Abraham and Sarah give to their son? (Gen 21:3)

8. Name the place where Abraham would sacrifice his son as commanded by the Lord? (Gen 22:2)

9. What animal did Abraham sacrifice in the place of his son (Gen 22:13)

10. Where did Abraham bury Sarah? (Gen 23:19)

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