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The Beginnings (Genesis 1-3)

1. What did God make in the beginning? (Gen 1:1 NIV)




2. How many days did God take for the Creation? (Gen 1:31 NIV)



3. Where did God create the garden? (Gen 2:8 NIV)

4. Which tree was planted in the middle of the garden? (Gen 2:9 NIV)

5. Why was Adam placed in the garden? (Gen 2:15 NIV)

6. How many rivers flowed out of Eden? (Gen 2:10 NIV)


7. Which creature tempted Adam and Eve? (Gen 3:1 NIV)

8. What did Adam and Eve realize when they ate the fruit? (Gen 3:7 NIV)

9. What would the serpent eat after it was cursed? (Gen 3:14 NIV)

10. How did God guard the Garden of Eden? (Gen 3:24 NIV)

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