Do we realise that nature does not conduct its versions of the Summer Olympics ?! Nature might be “red in tooth and claw” but it does not always prefer the fastest, the biggest or the strongest. Else, the humble shrimp wouldn’t have lasted this long.

Size and Speed Do Not Matter

Shrimps provide small but numerous reminders that size and speed are not the only capabilities that matter. More important perhaps is adaptability – which the shrimp has in large measure!

Endurance is Key to Survival

Shrimp can endure salt levels in high concentrations — up to 10 times greater than that of seawater. Shrimp also grow special cysts that contain food and water and can help shrimp live for long periods of time. That’s just plain impressive and its many capabilities earn the shrimp a constant place in the food chain.

The next time someone calls you a shrimp, take it as a compliment! And since you are human, take your place in the value chain, not just the food chain.

Photo by Dawid W on Unsplash

Ajoy is a contributive writer based in Bangalore.