Can we watch anything at a Snail’s pace? Or have we lost that ability forever? With that, have we lost our ability to look deeper into the soul of what surrounds us?

Being slow can be revolutionary

Recording the yellow coloured “apple snail” in my home has led me to pause and ask these questions. In a world that is defined by speed and instant-ness, being slow can be revolutionary. And the snail can be our teacher.

Towards an unhurried sense of ease

We need to follow the example of Jesus. 2000 years ago, He urged his followers to “look at the birds of the air……the lilies of the field…..”.  In order to understand the crafting and care implicit in creation, I urge us to learn to look around us…….. at a snail’s pace. At nature, at people, at the universe, with an unhurried sense of ease.

Slow down, Can we? 

The acceptable addiction in the 21st century is to look at our screens all day long….to stare at filtered reality and listen to the advertisements of our unreflective selves. Instead, if we slow down to develop “eyes that see”, we might learn to open our eyes to the deeper truths and longings that the worlds around us signify.

Photo by Krzysztof Niewolny on Unsplash

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