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The Prophets

I am an elderly prophetess, patiently waited for the long-awaited Messiah’s arrival. I spent my days worshipping in the Temple. Who am I?

I am known as the "Weeping Prophet." I prophesied the word of hope for the people to return from captivity after 70 years. Who am I?

My tongue was cleansed with burning coals from the altar. I prophesied about the Suffering Messiah. Who am I?

A big fish swallowed me. I preached God’s Word to the people of Nineveh. Who am I?

I prayed for rain upon Israel after the drought. I alone stood strong against the prophets of Baal. Who am I?

I warned David when he sinned. I prophesied to David that Solomon would build the Temple. Who am I?

God called me as a child. God used me to crown the first king of Israel. I anointed the shepherd boy as the future king of Israel. Who am I?

I delivered God’s message of prophecy to commander Barak to help deliver Israel. Who am I?

The king of Moab bribed me to curse Israel. But God used my prophecies to bless Israel as a nation. Who am I?

I am a prophetess. Along with my brothers, we lead Israel out of Egypt. Who am I?

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