‘Then Moses went back to Jethro his father-in-law and said to him, “Let me return to my own people in Egypt to see if any of them are still alive.” Jethro said, “Go, and I wish you well.”’ (v18) Exodus 4:18–31

Being transformed at the university, God called me into evangelism. So I volunteered with Youth for Christ – full-time ministry was voluntary in my day! My father, proud I’d gone to Oxford, had negotiated a place for me in a city accountancy firm. I turned it down. This created a very difficult relationship between my dad and me for five years and we hardly spoke.

Saying yes to God may well mean saying no to someone or something else. Serving God comes with no five-star promises. I remember meeting some Syrian Christians who spoke with pride at the honour given to their family members when beheaded by ISIS. My shocked expression caused them to comfort me with encouraging words that this is the fruit that serving God may yield.

If we seek revival, a fresh outpouring of God’s love, presence and power, then it comes with a price tag attached. It demands complete obedience to all God says, and with no guarantees except knowing we are serving God. That’s a big ask. Moses gave up the life he’d known to explore the uncharted path of obedience. Decisions can only be made in the present – we can only live in the present tense.

The future is God’s responsibility. If I’m tempted to look to my future, I can only do so by taking my eyes off God. Christian service is a full-time occupation for everyone, here and now.

Related Scripture to Consider: Prov. 16:1–9; 1 Kings 8:54–61; Phil. 3:7–21; Matt. 6:25–34.

An Action to Take: Service will demand sacrifice. Yet, we simply walk in the footsteps of Jesus who surrendered all in order to win all.

A Prayer to Make: ‘Lord, may I daily live a life of sacrificial service by faith in Jesus, who loves me and gave Himself for me. Amen.’

Photo by hydromet on depositphotos

Micha Jazz is Director of Resources at Waverley Abbey, UK.