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Mothers in the Bible

Name this mother who is a woman of faith and God told her, “You have 2 nations in your womb”? 

Name the mother who showed tremendous faith in God by taking the bold decision to nurse the meekest man in the Bible?

Name the mother who was a foreigner but had great faith and became the great-grandmother of King David?

Who is the mother who raised her son in high spiritual standards, who then later became the pastor of the Ephesus church?

Who is the mother who endured in the desert with water from a well and was blessed by God with numerous descendants through her son?

Name the mother of all the living?

Who is the mother who waited for God’s promise to be fulfilled in her old age and became the mother of nations?

Name the prayerful mother who dedicated her firstborn for the Lord’s service and gifted him with a new coat every year?

Name the “righteous and blameless” godly mother who was filled by the Holy Spirit and became the mother of the forerunner of Jesus Christ?

Who is the mother who treasured and remembered everything in her heart?

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