What are human beings that you should care for them? Psalm 8:4b

Maslow, in his hierarchy of needs, places care as priorities 1–3. They include our physiological and safety needs along with our need to be loved. Data detailing peoples’ greatest fears highlight an inability to purchase food or provide a home, followed by a need for active relationships.

We’re social by instinct. God created Eve for being alone isn’t healthy. Lockdown has shown that loss of social interaction has a negative impact upon our mental health. So friendship lies at the heart of God’s appeal to us. Recognising mortal life is short, God invites us to enter into a friendship that’s eternal. One that reaches beyond the grave.

All friendships take time to establish. They’re subject to misunderstandings, periods of distance and dispute, an unwillingness to change and constant demands. Yet, such challenges forge a meaningful friendship. Friendships are organic. They take shape and morph naturally over time. There is no formula on how to establish effective friendships. Any such attempts arise from a need to control the friendship for my advantage. That’s not friendship, but a transaction.

It’s why God gives us so much room. God has no desire or intention to control us. God recognises that we need the freedom to choose both to enter into friendship with God and the depth of friendship we desire. As with all friendships, the deeper they go the more is demanded of each of us. This can prove daunting, yet we find a way to move on together because of that bond of friendship. It’s why every day affords a new and exciting opportunity to discover more of both God and myself.

Something to Consider: How would I describe the depth of friendship I have with God?

An Action to Take: Decide, then make a note, how deep you want to go with God in your life.

A Prayer to Make: ‘Lord, I need friendship and I accept your invitation to build a forever friendship with you, day by day.’

Photo by Duy Pham on Unsplash

Used with Permission

Micha Jazz is Director of Resources at Waverley Abbey, UK.