You have given us new Life.
An Identity.
A sense of Belonging.
You have adopted us into your family.

And yet,
We don’t come together as often as we should.
We are indifferent.
We are inconsiderate.
We hold back.
We avoid.
We neglect to meet together.

And even if we do…
We come to speak than to listen
We come to be served rather than to serve.
We come to receive than to give.

Help us to affirm each other
Help us to belong to one another
Help us to build one another.
Help us to spur one another

May our Church be
A sacred space for Hearts
To love and be loved.
A work space for joining hands
To work and worship
A think space for igniting Minds.
To study and meditate.

Grant us grace to meet regularly,
to love genuinely,
to share generously,
to encourage tirelessly,
and to live selflessly.

Help us find ways
To give and forgive
To long and belong
To engage and encourage