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We took that will as it is. We did not “decide” that that was dad’s will for us. We “discovered” it. Read More…

Some weeks after my dad passed away, tucked away in the corner of his bedroom was a sealed envelope labelled “Our Will.”

It was a bit of a shocker for us. But it was just like him.

The will was clear – and it was authoritative.

It was also consistent with the spoken will that he conveyed to us a few years back.

We took that will as it is. 

We did not “decide” that that was dad’s will for us. We “discovered” it.

We did not “give” it authority. Its authority was “given.”

We did not “regulate” the will. We “recognized” the will. And we recognised the will because we recognised dad’s “writing,” and because that writing was consistent with dad’s “voice.”

So also the Bible.

The church did not “decide” the canonical Bible. It “discovered” it.

It did not “give” authority to the Bible. Its authority was “given.”

It did not “regulate” the canon of Scripture. It “recognized” the canon of Scripture.

And it recognized it as God’s “writing” because it was consistent with God’s “voice.”

And we wish to abide by “The Father’s Will.”

So help us God!

Photo by Minh Bách Trương on Unsplash