The Hebrew word רוּחַ (ruach) means ‘wind, breath, mind, spirit (human or divine).’ It is often used in conjunction with the divine names: יְהוָה רוּחַ (ruach YAHWEH) and אֱלֹהִים רוּחַ (ruach Elohim) in order to describe the divine activities. God breathed spirit (רוּחַ) into man and he became a living soul.

The Holy Spiritהַקֹדֶשׁ רוּחַ (ruach ha-kodesh) inspired the prophets/charismatic leaders to convey God’s message. In the New Testament the Holy Spirit is figuratively as: dew, fire, water, wind, oil, rain, dove, voice, seal, etc.

Moreover, the Holy Spirit is introduced by Jesus Christ as the παράκλητος – ‘Paraclete’ (advocate/counselor/helper) who lives within and among us.


Dr. Aravind Jeyakumar Moniraj is serving as the Associate Professor and HOD, Department of Old Testament at Gurukul Lutheran Theological College and Research Institute in Chennai.

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