The Hebrew equivalent to the English word justice is מִשְׁפָּט (mishpat). The word צְדָקָה (sedaqah) means righteous, righteous act or justice. It refers to fulfilling the obligations of a relationship (between God and people, parents and children, husband and wife, etc.) and it is covenantal in character.

But מִשְׁפָּט (mishpat) which is also a covenantal concept, has legal connotations – judgment, decision, ordinance, law, etc. – and it is one of the attributes of God. It conveys that God is the LORD of justice and He is the righteous judge.

God establishes justice to all irrespective of their backgrounds, hence, it implies that it is our duty to exercise justice in our daily lives.


Dr. Aravind Jeyakumar Moniraj is serving as the Associate Professor and HOD, Department of Old Testament at Gurukul Lutheran Theological College and Research Institute in Chennai.

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