Actions really do speak louder than words. As disciples of Jesus, we are called to reflect the goodness of God through our life – in word and deed. The Bible has a lot of wisdom and guidance in helping us reflect God in our daily lives.

Let us look through the Scriptures to see how we can adopt a lifestyle that reflects the glory of God.

Show Kindness to everyone

Life may often be unfair and difficult for some among us. We see this in the story of Zacchaeus, who had to run ahead, climb a tree, and wait to be able to see Jesus (Luke 19: 3,4). When Jesus comes to the tree, He acknowledges Zacchaeus’ efforts and shows him kindness. This small act changed Zacchaeus’ life that very day, with Jesus even saying “Today salvation has come to this house…”

It is surprising to see how little is needed to make a difference in someone’s life. A pat on the back, a smile, or just remembering their name, can make people feel seen and loved. In a world filled with rejection and pain, our small actions can have a huge impact on someone’s life today.

Make time for people

Our fast-paced world values ‘getting the job done’ at the expense of human connections. We rush past life without noticing the beauty in those around us. However, the interaction between Jesus and the woman who was sick for 12 years, reminds us of the importance of such moments.

We see that Jesus took time to acknowledge her efforts, even though He was almost crushed by the crowd around Him (Luke 8:42). We walk past people every day and we often fail to see the beauty that they possess. Let us take time to get to know those around us a little bit more. They might have a need that we can meet.

Give ear to the unloved

We share our world with the marginalised and the oppressed. They are usually silenced and don’t have a voice in our society. This was also true in the time of Jesus when the people rebuked Bartimaeus when he wanted to meet Jesus (Mark 10:48). Jesus stops and talks with him and heals him.

The simple act of listening can bring so much joy to others. Many in our societies do not have anyone to talk to. We can truly bring joy to their lives with the simple act of listening and praying.


As a disciple of Jesus, we need to imitate Jesus in all that we do. When our actions are motivated by true love, they can bring healing and joy to those around us. We can truly make a difference in the lives of many through our small action

As you meditate on this, may you be encouraged to serve those around you by showing kindness to everyone, making time for people, and giving an ear to the oppressed. By adopting such a lifestyle, you will make the world a better place and bring glory to God.

Griffinth is a contributive writer based in Bangalore