Menon, Paul Sudhakar, Seeking God, Seeking Moksha: The Teaching of Shri Krishna & Jesus Christ, Pippa Ran Books and Media, UK, 2020, 175pp.

A Journey Of Fulfilment

 This is a short book which engages with two teachings that have and are presently influencing a significant population of the world – namely the followers of the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ in the New Testament and of Sri Krishna through the Bagwad Geeta.

The approach is unique – it first explores certain themes and then illustrates the teachings as a parallel study, placing them against each other. The book has four chapters. The first two chapters cover major ideas such as understanding God, incarnation, salvation, humanity, the world and devotion.

Chapter three then specifically attempts to unpack the concept of devotion, worship and the place of grace in all this. Chapter four contains an afterward, notes and introduction to the publisher.

This book overall looks like a deliberate attempt to help those who follow the teachings of Sri Krishna to identify and engage with the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is in no way polemical but is very inviting and serves as a window to look at the teachings of Jesus Christ through the eyes of a Hindu and a follower of the teachings of Sri Krishna.

However, for a follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ, this may be distracting. Nevertheless, for those Christians who have come from the Hindu faith, this may be a helpful tool to see how their journey with Christ is not a disruption from the old but a journey of fulfilment.

Rev Dr Prasad Phillips is the Deputy Executive Director, for Oxford Centre for Religion and Public Life, UK.