a prayer for the city i call home aha moments
God, I pray for the city I/we call home. You have called me/us to be ‘salt’ and ‘light’ in this city. Help us add the taste of love. May we illumine the hearts and minds with the gospel of grace.  Help me/us to work for its peace, development and prosperity.
Give us eyes to see the ‘invisible people who live among us. Give us ears to hear ‘the voice of the voiceless living in the margins. Please give us the mind to comprehend the struggles of the lonely and the lost in the City.
Give us a heart to love, hands to share, and will to repair wrongs.  Grant us grace to heal, peace to co-exist in harmony, hope to carry on your work and trust to witness your move in the City.
Come and visit us. Walk with us. Lead us. Inspire your church to take action. Amen!
Questions for Aha Moments
Do I pray for my City? What aspects of the City am I concerned about?

Photo by Li Yang on Unsplash