barnabas today weekly bible quiz the lords commandments to israel exodus 19 21

The Lord's Commandments to Israel (Exodus 19-21)

1. Where did the Israelites camp after they left Egypt? (Exodus 19:1)

2. What kind of kingdom would the Israelites be unto the Lord? (Exodus 19:6)

3. How did the Israelites prepare before meeting the LORD at Mt Sinai? (Exodus 19:10)

4. When should the Israelites approach Mt Sinai on the third day? (Exodus 19:13)

5. Who accompanied Moses to the top of Mt Sinai? (Exodus 19:24)

6. Why did the LORD instruct Israel to honour their father and mother? (Exodus 20:12)

7. What kind of offering did Israel offer on the earthen altar? (Exodus 20:24)

8. What is the law for the servant who desires to serve his master for a lifetime? (Exodus 21:6)

9. What is the punishment for taking a person’s life? (Exodus 21:12)

10.  How much would the owner pay for the Hebrew servant killed by an animal? (Exodus 21:32)

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