God of grace

God of grace,
Look upon Your suffering people.
In their distress, hear their cry.
Save them from those that seek to harm them.
From violence deliver them
And grant them protection from their enemies.

God of goodness,
Look upon Your wandering people.
In their alienation, hear their cry.
Homeless, vulnerable refugees and sojourners,
From rootlessness deliver them
And grant them a resting place here on earth.

God of mercy,
Look upon Your hungry people.
In their need, hear their cry.
Famished, thirsty, sick, exhausted,
From poverty and destitution deliver them
And grant them provision from Your bounty.

God of justice,
Look upon Your hurting people.
In their shame, hear their cry.
Save them from injustice and false accusation.
From cruel lies deliver them
And grant them vindication.

For You, O Lord Jesus, were reviled,
You were abused and falsely accused.
You were dependent for Your daily bread.
You, a refugee and wanderer,
Had nowhere to lay Your head.
You fell into the hands of violent men.

So feed Your people with the manna from above.
Give them to drink from Your life-giving streams.
Deliver them from all evil
And guide them to their heavenly Home.

In Your Name we pray,


Excerpt from With the Eye of Faith – Meditation and Prayers

Photo by Diego Jimenez on Unsplash

Dr Patrick Sookhdeo is the International Director of Barnabas Fund and the Executive Director of the Oxford Centre for Religion and Public Life.