family bible quiz the birth call of moses exodus 1 3

Family Bible Quiz - The Birth and Call of Moses (Exodus 1-3)

1. What did the Egyptians do when they saw the Israelites growth? (Exo. 1:10-12)

2. How did the Egyptians treat the Israelites? (Exo.1:14)

3. Who said, “Every Hebrew boy that is born you must throw into the Nile, but let every girl live?” (Exo. 1:22)

4. Which tribe of Israel did Moses belong to? (Exo. 2:1)

5. What does Moses mean? (Exo. 2:10)

6. What does Gershom mean? (Exo. 2:22)

7. Where did Moses witness the burning bush? (Exo. 3:1)

8. What did God ask Moses to do? (Exo. 3:9)

9. Moses immediately obeyed God without questioning him. (Exo. 3:11)

10. Why would the Egyptians give all their precious things to the Israelites? (Exo. 3:21-22)

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